Four years of record success!

Record Surface Leasing

School and Public Lands has set records for land leasing revenue every year for the last five years. State lands are leased at public auction and the revenue is divided out to every student in the state. The lessees also pay property taxes to the local counties making state school lands different than other types of government owned lands.

Ryan has incorporated GIS and GPS technology and worked to improve water, fencing, and access on these lands leading to record returns for our school kids!

Total payout to K-12 Education

Continued success benefits our school children

Total payout has increased almost 63% the last six years. Ryan is a proactive and responsible leader who manages state owned land for the benefit of our state school children.

Fiduciary Responsibility and an Advocate for South Dakota

SD Investment Council

As Commissioner, Ryan is one of eight members of the SD Investment Council. The council invests over $14 billion in state retirement and trust funds. During the last six years the School and Public Lands Trust has increased nearly $100 million!


Universities receive an annual allocation as well. For example SDSU's payout has gone from approximately $600,000 a year to $833,000 in 2018. All six public universities receive money from the office.

Endowed Institutions

The SD Human Services Center, Developmental Center, Juvenile Corrections Center, and other state endowed institutions received land in 1889 that is still generating income today. Commissioner Brunner leases these lands for the benefit of these organizations.

Western States Commissioners

Ryan is the Vice Chairman and President Elect of the Western States Land Commissioners. His leadership represents SD at annual meetings. WSLCA helps over 20 western states with policies to manage over 515 million acres for the benefit of over 22 million students.

State Owned Minerals

South Dakota owns the minerals under our lands and Ryan leases state owned minerals. There are around 80 oil/gas wells operating on state minerals paying almost $2 million a year in royalties. Ryan has started a project to map these minerals online for the first time in the state history and is planning legislation for 2019 to allow for online oil/gas lease auctions to increase revenue.

Land Exchanges and Sales

Ryan has successfully served as the real estate agent for other state agencies. With the approval of the Legislature and Governor, he has sold millions of dollars of surplus agriculture and commercial property to benefit the state. These lands are owned by other state agencies and after they are sold the money goes to the appropriate place and the land goes back on the property tax rolls!

Please support and vote for Ryan Brunner for School and Public Lands on November 6th!